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Welcome To Knitta Please!

Yarn Your World Happy

At Knitta Please we love all things yarn. From spinning yarns to yarn bombing. Yarn brings color and warmth to the world. Yarn helps make the world a happier place and right now the world needs more happy.

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In the meantime, we want to tell you a bit more about the wonderful world of yarn bombing.

What is Knitta Please?

In 2005 Magda Sayeg, a knitter from Houston, Texas was looking for something to brighten up her shop. She thought it might be fun to knit a small, colorful cozy for the door handle. And unintentionally started a craze that swept the world – yarn bombing.

Knitta Please Magda Sayer Yarn Bombing
Magda Sayeg: Making the world a more colorful place!

Magda got together with a few other likeminded knitters. The collective called themselves Knitta Please! (Wikipedia) Mundane urban objects like parking meters, street signs and lamp posts were transformed. Houston never looked so cheerful.

And now we want to help bring a little more happiness into people’s lives through yarn. Whatever you want to do with it, we’re here to help. Knit it, crochet it, weave it. Decorate a building or play with a kitten. It’s all good.

A Beginners Guide to Yarn Bombing

A little like graffiti, but much more welcome. Yarn bombing is bright, vibrant, and on the rise. This fantastic and colorful craze is taking over the world, one stitch at a time. Yarn bombing shows no signs of slowing down!

City Bus Yarn Bombed
City bus yarn bombed: This would brighten up our commute

Coloring the World Happy!

When you think about street art or graffiti, you’re picturing spray cans and paint. Now, what if that art was made of wool or yarn? Yes, that is yarn bombing!

Objects large and small are covered with knitted wool. It can be anything, from a gatepost to a city bus. Of course, graffiti can last forever, but yarn bombing is a short-term deal. And yarn boming doesn’t destroy or deface property. This makes it so much more flexible and won’t land you in jail!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Yarn Bombing

Graffiti can damage property. It can also be offensive. Yarn bombing on the other hand makes the world a happier and more colorful place. And who could object to that?

In theory, you should be able to yarn bomb anywhere. There is a big ‘but’ here – you should check the area you’re in. Privately owned places, like Malls, will have strict policies so it’s a good idea to ask for permission first. But if you’re a bit of a risk taker and like the thrill of being a rebel, then just go for it!

We’ve never heard of anyone getting in serious trouble for yarn bombing. If the authorities don’t like it, they just take it down. Of course, one way of avoiding any problems is to keep it personal. Just yarn bomb things in your own yard or your home.

Yarn Bombing On The Rise!

From the early days of Knitta Please, yarn bombing has grown and grown. You’ll now find examples of this exciting hobby right across the world.

In 2008 the Jafagirls in Ohio were in the spotlight for their Knit Knot Tree design. This is now one of the first images you will see on a Google search for the term ‘yarn bombing’! Then there is London’s Deadly Knitshade. Aka Lauren O’Farrell. Lauren hit the big time with her Knit The City exhibition across the English capital, telling a story with hand-knitted props. And in Australia, a group calling themselves the Twilight Taggers were keeping busy.

Yarn Bomb London Knit the City
Phone Fun: Part of a Knit the City project by ‘Deadly Nightshade’ Lauren O’Farrell

Yarn bombing is here to stay. And every day, thousands of people all over the world are yarn bombing to brighten up their neighborhoods, their yards and their homes.

Yarn bombing even has its own Day of the Year! The first International Yarn bombing Day was on June 11, 2011. And it’s getting bigger and better every year. With everyone from punk rockers to pensioner joining in.

As far as we can see the world needs cheering up and if yarn bombing can bring a smile to our faces then long may it continue.

Ready To Do Some Yarn Bombing?

With all this fun talk about yarn bombing, you might be wondering how you can get in on the action. Well, it’s best to start small. It’s also best to think very carefully about where you’re going to yarn bomb. (Whilst yarn bombing isn’t illegal, some authorities may not take too kindly to it!)

For that reason, we suggest starting small. Something you can create quickly and which doesn’t take too long to fix into place. And as far as the design is concerned, go for it! Think color, think vibrancy, think unusual! The whole point of yarn bombing is to make a creative statement using wool and yarn. If you have a stash of old wool that needs using up or one of those many unfinished projects you know you’ll never get around to, why not get creative on an old wheelbarrow?

A wheelbarrow covered in yarn
Wheelbarrow at Sherman Gardens, Newport Beach: Are you digging the fun?

Basically, yarn bombing is a personal deal. It’s about showing your creative nature, so whatever works for you, goes. First things first, do you have any spare yarn or wool sitting in your closets? If so, be kind to the environment and use it up, yarn bombing is the best way to do just that.

So, now you know what it is, maybe it’s time you started a little yarn bombing of your own? And if you do we’d love to see it. Please send in your photos and we can show off what our readers are doing!

Part of the fun of getting creative is sharing your ideas and inspiring others to do the same.

But whether you want to cover a city bus or just keep your ears warm Knitta Please will be here to help make your next yarn project a success.

Happy Yarns